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Condescension Central
mitzvahs and musings, with a soupcon of snark
My favorite blogger, the Yarn Harlot, said in her post today that she tries to do things on New Years Day that she wants to keep doing all year.  In that vein, I think I did well.  So far I've managed to do the following:

- Get a good night's sleep
- Cook a yummy meal and eat with friends
- Laugh a lot
- Visit a friend
- Do a good deed
- Talk to my brother
- Make soup (very important in my world)
- Knit a little

And the last thing left was write.  I honestly don't know why this year is the year that all of a sudden I feel like I have to write, but I recently developed the urge to put the continual internal monologue that I have in some sort of written format.  I don't know if I'll keep up with it (past history makes it seem unlikely) and if I do, I'll probably find a better place for it than my neglected and frequently hacked LJ, but I figured it was at least a place to start.

So this is 2013.  2012 was up and down.  I'll do a full recap, but one thing I did a lot of this year was reflect.  On where I am and where I want to be.  I've realized a few things about myself, and I also have a long way to go.  But it's kind of crazy to realize that you're 42 and you are only just beginning to feel like a grown-up.  And  you wonder if you may have missed the bus.  But you know what they say about buses.  

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope this year is the best one yet.

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Geez, I realize I've barely posted this year. I've almost forgotten how. I'm going to try to be a little better about at least hitting the high points. To that end, I started to do this 2 weeks ago and promptly forgot about it. But I like the idea of asking the same questions every year to see if I've grown.

So without further ado...Collapse )

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Happy Birthday Toph! I know you never read facebook. I'm so sorry I'll miss your party. We need to get together when I get back.
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- As of today, total percentage of my wedding planner fee that I've paid in parking tickets accrued while planning the wedding - 11%

- The secret to great scrambled eggs is medium heat and constant stirring.

- I am apparently addicted to tic tacs. Only the Bold! Mint ones, though. I suppose there are worse things to be addicted to.

- I am currently looking for workout buddies. Hiking, biking, and especially tennis partners. Other activities I haven't thought of would also be cool. It would help if you were also somewhat out of shape, or at least patient with those who are.

- The most fun I'm having right now is planning the Mad Men party. There are several surprises in store, but I'm also taking suggestions. I hope y'all are planning on coming.

EDIT - GAH! I just found out that they discontinuted my tic tacs back on October!!! Now they are sold out everywhere on line. I know they still have some in a few places, so I guess I'll be stocking up. But what shall I do next?

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So I wake up this morning knowing I need to go to work, but am still so tired that I sleep through my alarm. Wake up finally feeling fine, but just a little groggy, and head for the shower. Take a long hot shower until I feel more awake and am just ready to get out when I drop an empty shampoo bottle. I bend over to pick it up and OMG SEARING PAIN CAN'T STAND UP CAN'T MOVE. I finally get a hold of the wall, and manage to ease my way out of the tub and into my bathrobe. OK, breathe. Feeling really sore but I'll live. Grab some ibuprofen and slowly ease my way into the living room. Find phone (these things are all taking about 4 times the usual time due to pain) call boss and tell her I am not currently able to come in. OK. Breathe. This is about how I felt last week in Florida, so I know it will eventually pass.

I make my way to sit down, and all of a sudden I have a shooting pain that is so bad I almost thought I was going to black out. I ease myself down to the floor where I manage to prop myself up against the loveseat and there I stay. At this point, I begin evaluating my options. Option 1 - call 911 and have paramedics show up at my house to find me wet in my bathrobe on the living room floor. 2 - Stay here and pray it gets better. I go with 2. It doesn't get better. At this point, I begin thinking of the Sex and the City episode where Miranda chokes on an eggroll or something and has to give herself the heimlich maneuver. And how I'm stuck on the floor of my apartment alone in my bathrobe in extreme pain and I have no idea how long I'm going to be here. At this point I start sobbing. Which hurts a lot.

Eventually I decide that no matter how much it hurts I am going to have to do something. Thinking that drugs are a good first step. So I decide to call UMass... Now, I have developed a rather intense hatred of UMass primary care, and due to that plus general good health, I have avoided going there for well over a year. At some point in the past year, they sent me a letter saying effectively "your primary care physician has left and we have nobody to give you, so if you need to be seen call urgent care until further notice." So I use my phone to look up the number (bless you palm pre), and I call and get directed to urgent care. After going through the usual appointment stuff, the woman says "You don't have a primary care physician." I tell her I know, she left. "Well, I can't make you an appointment because you don't have a primary care physician." I tell her about the letter, and what it says, and she puts me on hold, and then just repeats the same stupid statement. I tell her again that I was TOLD to make an appointment with urgent care, and she tells me she has to sent me to the "new patient" people. At this I basically yell "fine!" and she transfers me to the wrong department. So then I have to explain to the person who answers the phone what my situation is and that I don't know why I was sent to her but could she please send me to the right people. And she does. And then I have to go through the entire explanation again, and answer the same questions again, and finally get assigned a primary care physician. But of course, this woman, who was very nice and helpful, doesn't actually make appointments she just assigns primary care physicians. She assures me (who is still crying through all of this) that she will forward this on to the staff of my new primary care physician who will call me to set up an appointment with me or otherwise assist me. That was 2 hours ago.

Eventually, the pain subsided enough that I could get up off the floor and onto the couch, where I still sit. In my bathrobe. Umass just called me and scheduled me to go in at 4:10. Hooray. At this point I figure I can drive, but by the time I get dressed and am able to leave the house it will probably be 2:30, so it's hardly worth going to work. Plus, it's going to be snowing so I'm going to have to allow time to clean off my car and walk the 2 miles from the parking garage to the hospital. They had better give me some good drugs.

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Dear Cab Driver,

I would just like to point out something. Despite the fact that you made me wait for 20 minutes in the freezing cold, and when you arrived you made me walk halfway across the parking area carrying my luggage even when I was standing directly under the Taxi sign, and you almost picked up someone else... and to add insult to injury, made me listen to Rush Limbaugh for my entire $13 4 mile cab ride... despite all that, I still tipped you.

I doubt Rush would have done the same.

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This news is 2 days old now, I realize, but I just found out about it.

Neil Gaiman to write Dr. Who script
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Central Mass Roller Derby Craft Fair

I will be selling my famous chocolate truffles, and maybe some other comestible goodies. Plus, there will be hand knit items for sale to benefit the Heifer Project. Anyone who wants to come and hang with me is welcome, but try to make some time to stop in and check it out.

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So despite forgetting my glasses initially and having to run back, I still managed to catch the bus this morning. I'm starting to feel like a real urbanite. Too bad I am forced to choose between going out for a while after work and actually getting a bus home.

I realized something this morning (which I'm sure only ladyscience will truly appreciate). When a woman wearing a somewhat short (above the knee) skirt sits on the upper seats on the new buses, the people on the lower seats get a direct view up her skirt. I'm not sure whether to put in a warning label, or to advertise that fact to increase bus ridership.

Also, when faced with one of those 20 year olds who blares their headphones so loudly that it annoys you 10 feet away, I no longer get mad. Instead I think of how deaf they are going to be by the time they're my age and laugh evilly to myself.

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I sort of realize that these are in reverse order of interesting, but that's how they came to me. Oh well.

Stupid Morning AdventuresCollapse )

Weekend RecapCollapse )

Food for ThoughtCollapse )

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